Getco cancelled the exam of junior engineer

GETCO cancelled the exam taken for vidhyut sahayak post,

GETCO is Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited which has taken exam for the Vidhyut sahayak means junior engineer post on 11th January, 2014.

But today`s news papers contained the following notice by Getco.

Getco cancelled the exam of junior engineer

Also their site suggested the notice.


This is to inform one and all that online examination conducted by M/s. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd. on 11.01.2014 for the post of Vidyut Sahayak (Junior Engineer) – Electrical and Civil, has been scrapped and consequently the result declared in our website also stands cancelled. It is due to unavoidable administrative reasons.

Fresh examination shall be conducted by declaring recruitment and selection criteria.

General Manager (F&A/HR)

The GETCO canceled the exam which was taken by them on 11th January 2014 and also the result was declared.

The passed candidates were called for the document verification.

But The Getco didn’t give any appointment to the verified candidates.

Some of the candidates were happy that they got verified and were confident that they will get job with getco. Some of the candidates were doing job at another location but they passed getco exam so they resigned from past job.

They were waiting for many time that they will get appointment letter soon but the Getco now cancelled the exam and the result too.

They said that there are unavoidable administrative reasons.But didnt specified the resons why getco cancelled the exam.

Some of the candidates must have contacted to the Getco hr dipartment and might have got the answer.

But do you thing this step is reasonable??? There are many graduates whom i personally know were not doing job or doing job at good position but to do job at getco they leaved past job.Just think about the mind set of these candidates and their family.

  Will GETCO give any further update or the candidates take any step?? Let`s see…

And also if the administrative problems are there behind the getco cancelled the exam then will they give the exam fee return to candidates??

If you had given the exam will you take any step to get the fees back or will accept the things???

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