gtu project report format

gtu project report format

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Guideline for Final Year BE 7th Semester Project Report Submission
(for all the final year students who are working on their 7th semester project)
Project Report (a spiral bound hard copy) – It is required to be a report of the work, done by
the team of students during the 7th semester. The Report is to be submitted whether the
project has been completed or is yet to be completed in next Semester.
The teams may add the PSAR report along with this project report or may submit in
separate spiral bound report like the academic year 2013-14. Students are required to use
the certificate format related to PSAR work in the appendix . Please refer to the following
circularsfor gtu project report format:
Each member can upload his/ her PSAR works online on the GTU portal by 21st December
2014 in the given link at: . Each Team member of the project
can use the team registration ID generated by them earlier this semester. Through that log
in they can enter in this portal and submit their Prior Art Search work including PSAR. This
can be done after project examination too but before 8th semester commences. Through
this web portal each team can generate a proof of uploading and they can later on submit it
to department.
If some teams have already made reports, they can go ahead with that while ensuring that
they upload these data online after project examination as a mandatory record for
Each team need to add pictures of their various canvases in the report which they have
made based on Design thinking during 7th Semester Project. They need to briefly explain on
the key learning and steps followed for this. Teams need to show the hard copy of the
canvases to examiners during Project Viva and explain in brief about the components and
explain their work and learning.
The detailed note about Design thinking canvas exercises and its implementation in the said
project context of each team need to be attached with the final project report of BE 8th
Semester for two-semester project work.FORMAT OF THE REPORT FOR THE FINAL YEAR PROJECT:

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Students need to submit their project report of the work done during the seventh semester
in spiral bound as follows:
1. Student Copy
2. Dept. Copy/Guide Copy in spiral bound.
3. No External Guide copy required.
Each team may cover following segments in their report:
 Certificates
 Problem Summary or Introduction
 Aims and Objectives of the work
 Brief literature review
 Prior Art Search / PSAR
 Plan of their work
 Materials and methods used
 Implementation methodology of design-driven innovation
through various Canvas exercise ( brief description with images of canvases)
 Progress, they had made during the 7th semester
 Expected outcome
 Result, Discussion and Conclusion (if finished project)
 References

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Problem summary
The Problem Summary may include the following:
 A concise description of the technical issues, which state the outline of
problem/project, which the students have found out, while working on the
 Aims and Objectives of the project.
Detailed description of problem
• Problem Statement: 3-5 pages (minimum) with detailed facts and figures and the
parameters, as applicable to the project
• Problem Description can include:
1. Literature review
2. Materials and methods used in project work
3. A brief description about method/protocol going to be adopted for
problem solving
4. References
• Expected Outcome: The students have to describe in brief about the expected out
comes (in 1-2pages) of their project. Every project is expected to improve a product
or a process. This statement of expected outcome will gauge the innovation index
and the extent to which the project satisfies the needs of some industry or society.
• Literature Review: relating to the project
 Prior Art Search / PSAR :
1. What are the other solutions already existing and what are specific patent
claims solving particular need or adding value related to your project?
2. How the team wishes to improve existing patent claims by their own
3. What would be new value addition/distinct feature the team will add to
ensure their solution becomes unique and novel?
4. Which innovator /industry has already started working on improvements,
the like of which you have taken up as your Final Year project? This will
let the team understand the orientation of future research in academia.
The academic R&D can be streamlined by tapping such data where
industry aspires to build product/process which is going to come to
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The format of documentation for project submission may be slightly modified as per the
need of specific project/branch. For example in the documentation of any industrial waste
associated project, one may have to give information about composition of waste, type of
waste (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Semi-Solid), quantity of waste etc. If any department uses an
improved format of this documentation as per their requirement, then they are supposed to
inform GTU so that the revised documentation can be implemented and shared with all
The project reports have to be submitted to departmental HODs of the student’s College/
Institution in spiral bound hard copy before the practical/ Viva-Voce examination. In
absence of the project guide/HOD in any unavoidable circumstances, suitable
authority/other faculty members can sign on the certificates.
Further the complete/partial project report needs to be uploaded in soft copy to the GTU
web portal specially designed for this purpose, which will be opened after examination.
Guideline for the said portal will also be published on the GTU website soon after Viva
examination.( Every team need to ensure their project report uploading including PSAR )
Note: No student/college has to submit any hard bound project copy/ CD to GTU, as GTU will
fetch the data in soft copy every team’s project. GTU will be activating the link for uploading
the soft copy of the project for every team .Every College may preserve project data of all
students/teams in a soft copy on a CDrom for further record.