i movie teaser luanched by shankar


South india`s super director cum producer`s most waiting and may be most expensive movie “I” staring vikram has luanched teaser.

Tamil filmmaker Shankar has arrived with all new film shankar`s  i movie with actors as vikram and music by A.R.rehman. The theme of film is hrror and thrill.

The one minute teaser of shankar`s i movie opens with a hairy beast, with really intelligent eyes, peeking from behind a bush. Surprised??

shankar`s I teser launched

Before you starts thinking about the typical bollywood style mask man, let me warn  you, its not a mask man it looks something like real. Vikram has done really well as the shankar`s i teaser suggests us.

The shankar`s i teaser tales about the two different looks of vikram, one with long hair and a moustache, and the other with short hair, clean shaven face and latest clothes.

The beast, too, has two avatars. One, with more ape-like characteristics, and the other with a hunched back, and a horribly disfigured face.

One of two reminds us of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame where the beast carries an actress on his back in dark room.

Second time when shankar`s i movie teaser make the promise as of avatar jodi shankar and vikram. ‘I’ movie also stars Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel and Santhanam in key roles. This film is produced by Aascar Ravinchandran. The film is slated for a release this October.

Whats out i teaser here,