jo baka takleef to rehvani jo baka go viral

The gujarati and specially amdavadi word “jo baka” go viral …

From last two days my whatsapp is just blinking with all the old word with new clothes they are sending me the yellow smily with a hand up and saying jo baka with some funny lines.

If you are gujarati , you will love these meme , the public are sharing on whatsapp and facebook.

Baka means a word to say dear in gujarati specially the amdavadi people use it to sweetly say dear.

Look some of the jo baka meme

jo baka

They have made it viral and the page on facebook  has 75000 likes in just two days. Have you tried yet??

The campaign is originally started by “vivek chancheti” from rajkot ith the blog

They have made a meme creator and an android app.

Yo can simply go to and create your own.

To create your jo baka meme just type your text and the image will be ready to download.

Download the meme and share with your friends on whatsapp and facebook.

They have an android app also which will create the jo baka meme for you and you will love to share it on whatsapp.

We appreciate this gujju guy for his successfull jo baka campaign. Just create yours and share it with your friends.

You can share your fillings with these jo baka yellow posters,

  • share your love
  • share  your flirt
  • share your friendship
  • share your vulgarity
  • share your funny ideas
  • share your sadness
  • share your madness

Some of the gujaratisare creating jo bakudi campaign lets see what these jo bakudi will make ahead. Lets create your own jo baka cartoons and show your creativity.

jo baka baki badhu tel leva jai


Just go and create jo baka meme and show the world how creative gujjus are…

And the most interesting thing is that vivek is a gtu past student….