You Will Fill Proud As “Gujarati” After Reading This….

Hey!!! Are you “Gujarati”?? Read this and fill proud I know when some one, from our neighbor or state or town makes some good and become famous, We start saying he is “amara wala”.   So, lets share this video with your friends, and say them this are “Gujaratis”. Do you know “Sachin-Jigar”??(Gujarati) The famous music directors, young people!! The went for Mtv Coke Studio. And made this awesome song. The singers are “Kirtidan Gadhvi”(Gujarati) , Sachin`s daughter “Tapasya”(Gujarati) And “Rekha Bhardwaj”. The song is Continue reading →

If Your ‘G’ has dum, then visit these 10 most hunted places in India

Please Don`t Read these If you are ‘fattu’… India is always known as land of tantra, but do you know about the most hunted places in India??? [1]. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan. Why Scary: There is a story , a tantrik called ‘Singhiya‘ who was in love with the Princess ‘Ratnavati‘. To get the princess, tantrik did some black magic but it reversed and the tantrik died. But before death he cursed(shapit) the fort and from that time, there are many paranormal(bhutiya) activities in fort. Even no Continue reading →

Yaad-darshan raval, chinmay roy and raj boriwala

Yaad-darshan raval, chinmay roy and raj boriwala The amazing song sung by darshan raval the india`s rawstar contestant, chinmay roy , and raj boriwala. Darshan Raval Lead vocalist the Dipzip Band. His voice reaches straight to your heart, takes you in a trance and dominates it ever after. Not only did he come up with the idea of forming a band, but he also did bind us all together and combined us by giving us the name Dip Zip.   Darshan raval sings amazing and Continue reading →