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We provide you all your branch past exam papers. Whichever your branch is, like bachelor of engineering (B.E.) , Master of Engineering (M.E.) , Master of Business administration (MBA) , Bachelor of pharmacy (B.pharm) , Master of Pharmacy (m.pharm) , Master of computer application (MCA) , PDDC , Diploma Of pharmacy (D.pharm) , Diploma engineering.

While you searched for download GTU MPHIL past exam papers.You might have gone to other sites on the internet along with the official gtu site i.e. but you must be confused there with your download GTU MPHIL past exam papers. AS you dont know the subject code of GTU MPHIL .That`s what we were filling lack of. So we created



Here, on You don`t need to remember your GTU MPHIL subject code.You just select your branch from be , bpharm , mba , mca , dpharm , mpharm , pddc , me and diploma and your sem of sem1 , sem 2 , sem3 , sem 4 , sem 5 , sem 6 , sem 7 , sem 8.

Select your subject and the page shows all the past exam papers and to download GTU MPHIL past exam papers just click the download button just besides the exam date list. The list contain all the past gtu exam paper of your GTU MPHIL subject from 2008 to till date.

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